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Business Advisory & Accounting Service


Establish proven ways, unlock new paths and soar. With Wege Consulting you have a reliable and competent partner at your side. Our portfolio of services ranges from fiduciary service and business consulting to the realization of complex projects in national and international accounting sectors, bookkeeping as well as cross -departmental requirements.

Whether company consolidation, implementation of new systems and structures, comprehensive start-up business support or company succession processes; WEGE Consulting offers SMEs and Corporations an extensive variety of services including training of employees.

Yes, consulting has many faces!

Take our word for it.
I look forward to working with you!

Annett Wege


Annett Wege


Integrated consulting approach – customer and practical oriented

The concept of transparency in connection with our work is evidenced in three areas: firstly, the traceability of the services we provide, secondly, the traceability of the processes and measures initiated by us in your company for your employees, and thirdly transparency with regards to external communication requirements.
Annett Wege


We really appreciate to work with you as clients and your employees face to face, preferably with you onsite. In-house we can determine your individual needs and implement your mandate. And where our services are not necessary on the ground, modern information systems and technologies make information and data exchange possible and manageable.

Reliability, seriousness and loyalty are just as characteristic of our way of working as our profound professional competence and social responsibility.

Take our word for it!

Our work in your premises with you and your employees makes sense in many respects:

  • You will have an overview of the working hours and services provided by us at any time.
  • Sensitive data and documents do not leave your office.
  • Your employees are always involved in the information, planning and implementation processes.
  • The realization of your mandate can be quickly adapted to current conditions and unforeseen developments.

What our clients say about working with us

Steven Flax Partner at AronBakst Financial Service Tel Aviv (Israel):

“….I worked together with Annett Wege – can’t recommend her enough!…”

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