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Yes I am a pea counter but the Princess and the Pea I am not! Pragmatically orientated in real requirements and processes I aspire to viable sustainable solutions instead of glittering pipe dreams.
There is no “doesn’t work” for me. The pertinent question is HOW we achieve the goal.

Annett Wege

She is the head, hand and heart of WEGE CONSULTING: owner and managing director Annett Wege. She is a graduate in business administration, tax consultant, master in commercial law L.L.M. (Com.) and business lawyer. WEGE Consulting offers you a wealth of business, legal and tax expertise with cross-sectoral know-how and experience in both national and international environments. From mechanical engineering, property & facility management, family office, banking and various other service areas to start -up consulting as well as corporate succession issues.

Currently, we maintain business relationships and additionally an interdisciplinary network in the countries of the EU/EFTA and Middle East region.

Advise – Initiate – Support

Make use of our competence and dedication for your employees.
I am looking forward to working together.

Annett Wege

Annett Wege